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My 2020 Take Off Challenge Day 3 Gratitude

“Gratitude turns what we have into
enough.” – Anonymous

So now we know how far we have come and where we want to head next
BUT all we really have is right here and now.

When you can say

“I am enough”

“I have enough”

Then you are truly free to kick some serious butt!

For me this came about 3 years ago almost to the day when I was
doing my annual review.

I wrote down the figure I set myself to earn for the year and
almost instantly I felt stressed.
I knew why – every year I would set myself a ridiculous goal that would mean 2

  1. An instant feeling of overwhelm.
  2. I would loosen my spending …because it was going to be a good
    year, right? So I’d spend money I hadn’t yet made and then felt stressed all
    year trying to catch up.

So I asked myself a different question…

What is it that I really wanted?

The answer was instant,


after several years of financial insecurity (see Day 1’s blog) I wanted
to feel secure.

I wanted to know that we were going to have enough.

Then came the gamechanger…

I had enough!

More than enough.

It occurred to me that I live in one of the richest countries in
the world, in one of the wealthiest areas of that country.

I have never watched my children go hungry and probably (god
willing) never will.

I felt like the richest person on the planet and immediately realised
what 2018 needed to be about.

Not earning MORE but spending LESS.

Being less extravagant, indulgent and materialistic.

And guess what?

I actually had one of my most financially rewarding years yet.

Starting everyday knowing that I had enough, more than enough
cleared my head to just enjoy my work and ease the pressure.

How could starting your day knowing you are and you have enough
ease your pressure?

Today let’s start 2020 acknowledging how much we already have and
how lucky we all are,

Why not make daily gratitude part of your plans for 2020?

It’s a big part of the work we do on Slim From Within!

Happy New Year you perfect beings!

And take it from me, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

We all are

I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us all!


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