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4 Apps I am loving during lockdown

I am always vigilant and think hard before installing any apps on my phone because more apps = more noise, but these are 3 of my favourites.

Insight timer

This is a great free meditation app.

There are 40,000 free guided options for all the feels and you can sereach by time to.

But I like to meditate unaided and so I love it because I set the timer and a chime at intervals to just keep me focused on the my breathe if my mind starts to wonder – which unsurprisingly is happening more than usual at the moment…funny that!

5 Minute Journal

I love this app because it is so simple.

There is a small cost (I think about £4) but it’s worth it.

Each morning you write your 3 gratitude’s, your intentions for the day and your mantra.

Then at the end of the day you add a photo and answer a reflective question about the day.

With all the negativity surrounding us all right now raising our vibe and feeding our positivity with gratitude is vital


This is just the coolest place!

It is a market place for learning, you can do courses on almost anything online, plus, if you go on during one of their sales (that they have all the time) or look for a coupon you can get them for just a few quid.

There are courses on art, design, parenting, photography, business…all sorts.

What could you learn on lockdown?

I’m feeding my woo side and my love of Astrology for just £19.99!

Life Force Family

The other awesome thing you can do on lockdown is join me and my Life Force Family a community of life force women committed to …

Managing our weight during lockdown and beyond…by eating Life Force Foods.

Exercising daily… even if it’s 30 minutes dancing & no matter how low your energy feels or how cramped you are for space.

Being held accountable…by reporting in on the check-ins throughout the week.

Lifting, motivating and supporting each other…by sharing our wins, challenges and ideas with the fam!

I will be in the group for regular motivation, inspiration and education to keep us all on track so we get through this with our sanity and waistlines intact!

Next week kicks off with a fast track feel good week and A LOT of motivation to keep us focused and moving through these rather strange and challenging times!

It’s only £19.99 a month so why not join us and let’s step up together?

The group kicks off next Monday, 6th April.

Join Us Today and lets step up together ladies!


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