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6 Questions To Help You Overcome Any Challenge

I love this!

My first mentor actually has it tatoo’d on his arm!

(I try to just keep it in mind ;0)


Event + Reaction = Outcome

What happens to us shapes us, how we deal with it defines us.

The events in our lives create our stories.

BUT the events aren’t what make us the people we are, it’s how we REACT to those events that make the difference.

We all have our crap, our crosses to bear… our stories.

No one gets though life without hurt, heartbreak or grief … thank goodness, because we’d be bored out of our minds!

Don’t believe me? Why do you think we all love a soap opera?

Life without challenges is dull, boring and most importantly stagnant, without challenges there is no growth!

We need to be challenged to build resilience and to grow (bear this in mind next time your heart is breaking as you are watching your child struggle with a challenge, it’s tough but this is their chance to learn and grow)

How we choose to deal with challenges can make us strong as an Ox or leave us feeling like a bluebell in a hurricane!

Expecting, rising to and overcoming challenges is the key to success.

Life can be a real bitch at times and often we are in situations where we feel there is nothing we can control.

Except there is…

Our reaction.

And we can control our reaction by keeping an eye on our thoughts!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when life is challenging you

  • 1. The rule of 5…will this matter in 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months, 5 years?
  • 2. Do I need to react at all – sometimes all we need to do is let it pass (stay off the drama triangle, is this even your challenge?)
  • 3. What can I learn from this?
  • 4. Is there something I need to let go of? Are your expectations in need or some adjustment? Of yourself, others, situations or experience’s?                         
    • Or do you need to forgive someone or something? Forgiveness can set you free – let go!
  • 5. Is there an action or decision that I need to be taking? (a relationship, friendship or job that has run its course for example?)
  • 6. What CAN I do to improve the situation (even if it is just some self-care, a workout, a bath, an early night)

When I feel challenged I ask myself is there something I need to let in, let go of, learn, change or a strength I need to find.

Sometimes it can take a long time to understand what the reason is and that is frustrating as hell, but it’s always there.

Look back over your most adverse times, did you come out stronger, wiser?

Maybe even for the better in the long run?

So if you are going through challenges right now think in the positive and know you being given the chance to grow!

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