About - Kim Raine Coaching

This is me…

I'm Kim, a  Mind, Health and Confidence Coach.

I empower high flyers who feel held back in life or business to nail their physical and mental health so they can bullet proof their self belief,

increase their confidence, 

and move to the next level without burning out.

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But Underneath...

I am a rather undomesticated wife to Neil, very proud mum of Jordan & Freddie and sidekick to Scooby my trusty Staff x Lab companion.

I love Crossfit…but wish I had started it 20 years ago, because at 46 some days it just really bloody hurts!

I am a recovering people pleaser.

I went to my first weight watchers meeting slightly overweight at 13 and was a size 18 by the time I was 18.

I LOVE human beings, I love hearing their stories and understanding what makes them tick. Then helping them to get what they want.

I partied HARD, too hard! But I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

I am petrified of heights but once did a Bungee Jump thinking it would cure me. It didn’t, I am still scared of heights, but I now know fear is all in the mind and all that holds me back is my thoughts.

At 21 just out of a 4 year relationship, I bought myself a ticket to Asia and Australia and headed off on my own for a year. I landed in Hong Kong & burst into tears …it was the most amazing year of my life!

We lived in Javea Spain for 5 years when the kids were young, I have never been so broke! They were some of my best days!

Meditation is my saviour.

My Dad was a fireman, my brother is now – I am super proud of that fact. My mum is the kindest person I know, I am a much kinder person thanks to her!

This is my story, this is what makes me me…


I was 13 when I went to my first weight watchers meeting.

I remember sitting at school eating my Nimble Bread sandwiches and low-fat crisps.

It wasn’t nice… being the fat kid.

My friends called me KimBelly! 

When I left school, my boyfriend was in a band and life centred around festivals, lager & kebabs (it was awesome!).

But it did nothing for my waistline!

I tried to sort myself out! I’d go to aerobics and hate every moment of it! Go to the loo just for a breather. Then come out light a cigarette and stop off at the pub before grabbing a curry on the way home!

I know how hard it is to lose weight. I know how it feels to lose it just to gain it back again. I’ve been there and I know it sucks!

I didn’t become a PT until I was 32.

I felt like I’d cracked it, my clients were getting awesome results.

I knew exactly how it all worked and what women need to do to lose weight, it seemed easy!

Treading Water

By my late 30’s my business was thriving, I had a series of Female Fitness Camps in Surrey, my coaches and I were changing lives every day.

The success and transformations were amazing. I felt invincible, I loved what I was doing, I just couldn’t get enough.

I was busy and like most Mums, I was first up, last to bed and always on the go. I struggled, but managed to fit it all in, my life was basically family, workouts & work.

But really, I was trying to be the “perfect” wife, mother, boss, coach, leader etc, that I thought I needed to be.

This Isn’t Working

I was 42 the day I realised something had to change, I stood in the gym exhausted, I didn’t want to workout, but my weight was creeping back up.

A constant anxiousness had crept in along with waking up in the night with a racing mind.

I was snapping at the kids and never really “there” even when I was in the same room.

Life had been crazy. I had been treading water for too long & I was starting to drown.

Then the waves hit, you know the BIG problems that make everything else seem insignificant. (Mum’s breast cancer returned and a close friend suddenly died.)

I started to drown.I had nothing left in the tank to keep me afloat. I was exhausted, overweight and an emotional wreck.

As I started to workout, a voice in my head said, this isn’t working, you need to stop. I walked out of the gym and that was the beginning of a new beginning.

I swapped the gym, for yoga and meditation, walked my dog, rested, slept and started listening to what I really needed.

I prescribed myself a cocktail of nutritious foods, supplements, relaxation, rest and self-care, including an honest look at my work life balance and how I spent my time.

Learning To Float

I realised I needed to change myself, not just my health.

I wanted my life to be different, truer to myself and what I needed.

As well as reconnecting with my family and just enjoying the simple things in life.
I read, I studied and researched tirelessly to feed my soul and help me reconnect with my true self and what I really wanted out of this short and precious life.
I worked with coaches, went on retreats and tried all sorts of alternative therapies.
It has been an amazing journey so far!

I am more open, more honest, more vulnerable and more me.

It has changed the way I think, love and live.

Let Me Show You

Because I now know that we all have the power to live a peaceful, fulfilled life full of joy and happiness.

I would go through everything all over again to have this information and feel this good & I want to pass it on to everyone!

If you are treading water, or maybe even drowning, let me show you how to float.

Whatever is making your waters choppy,

your weight,

your health,

your relationships,

your energy,

your life balance,

your stress,

your sleep,

or even if you just don't know where to start let me throw you a life line.

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My Values


Freedom is so important to me.

The freedom to be your authentic self and live your truth.

The freedom to say what you want and be who and how you are.

The freedom to go and explore, experiment and have an adventure.

The freedom to fail.


Stage is about being proud of who you are.

Holding your space. 

Speaking up. 

Being bold and brave. 

Being heard. 

Owning your shiz and speaking your truth.


With family, friends and strangers.

Offering love, understanding & support.

Having fun.

Being kind at every opportunity.

Laughing & laughing and laughing.

Filling your days full of smiles, giggles and kindness.


Do It For Your Sanity!

“I am so pleased I started with Kim and I would say to anyone thinking about it, do it! It will change your life for the better! Kim is an inspiring lady who REALLY knows her stuff and has been ahead of the game for as long as I’ve known her . She made see that I was very anxious about a lot of things in my life, which haven’t gone away but the way I deal with them has changed. The physical change from the healthy clean eating is great, but the change in my head, the “within” bit is the most fantastic difference. I am happier to be more selfish (in a good way), to look after me, so that I can be the person I want to be for my family and friends. I umm’d and arrgh’d about working with Kim for too long, but she is worth every penny and so are you! DO IT for your health and sanity!” Total weight loss 24.2lbs/ 10.97kgs.

Julie Jackson , 2018/9 SFW Graduate & Workshop Attendee