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Venus Week – Harness Your Hormones

Periods can be a bugger, there’s no denying it, but understanding the changes in your body throughout the month will help you optimise your hormones so you can have a much happier calmer cycle!Knowing

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50 Lessons from 14 years of Weight Loss Coaching – Part 2

So on with the list! (This is part 2 of 50 of my biggest lessons from my 14 years coaching women to lose weight. (If you didn’t see part 1 Click here ;0)) Get your environment right – internally,

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50 Quick Lessons from 14 years of Weight Loss Coaching – Part 1

This list gets me so fired up, it reminds me of the truth and lessons I have learnt over my 14 years of coaching, mostly women but some men too along the way. It began by coaching people for weight

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Compared to you I’m …

Compared To You I’m…. How many times a day do you compare yourself to someone? “But they are doing so much better than I am.”“They are thinner/fatter than me.”“My house/car/bank account

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