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Fighting Fat at 40 – 15 Things You Need to Know …

I love being in my 40’s!

I think it’s a liberating time, settling down into your own skin and becoming more comfortable with who you are.

TBH I just don’t care what people think like I used to, and it is so liberating!

But one thing that definitely gets tougher once you hit 40 is weight management, the rules change!

So I thought that I would share some of the rules that I have learnt coaching women over 40 for the last 14 years…

  1. The stronger you build and look after your body, the better it will cope with menopause and ageing – START NOW!
  2. The key to health and happiness after 40 is stable hormones, deep sleep and life force foods, get over it and get on with it!
  3. After 40 your body burns fat at a much slower pace, as your reproductive hormones start to decline – get ready to play the long game.
  4. Maintaining energy levels are key and a reflection of your nutritional habits – sugar, caffeine and alcohol will elicit short-term highs but they will leave you crashing and shattered.
  5. Drinking, smoking, sugar and stress will leave you with more lines than a barcode.
  6. Getting your crap together is vital, the sooner you deal with it the better.
  7. The more chemicals you consume in your 40’s the more it will negatively affect your hormones, your moods and very possibly your health. Banish them from your food, your cosmetics and your cleaning products for a start! Ditch as many as you can!
  8. The only person who can get you “in the zone” is you – you can’t get there by wishing for it, paying someone to do it or moaning about it!
  9. Allow your body time to rejuvenate, leave the all night partying in your 20’s where it belongs – get to bed by 10 and get 8 hours sleep a night.
  10. Swap reality TV for a good book and an Epsom Salts bath.
  11. The more crap you eat the harder it is to stop – especially sugar. If you’re craving sweet things opt for whole fresh fruits to give you your sugar fix.
  12. Lift weights, you will start losing muscle mass faster once you hit the big 40, so maintaining what you have is key and stop your metabolism dropping like a stone!
  13. A good quality Vit B Complex, Fish oil and a Probiotic are worth the money and as important for keeping you looking young as an eye cream.
  14. Stress management is more important than exercise when it comes to fat loss at 40, some days a walk and a glass of wine with friends will do you more good than a HIIT session and a salad!
  15. Enjoy the ride, this is your time to shine!

I have just opened the next round of my Slim From Within Program so if you want to work with me to make your 40’s totally fabulous then head on over to and take the first step towards feeling better in your 40’s than you did in your 20’s!

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Kim Raine is a Life Coach and Health Mentor who is fanatical about helping women free themselves from the BS that is holding them back so they can sort their crap out once and for all. Kim empowers women to reduce anxiety, beat burnout, manage stress, lose weight, sleep better and live happier, healthier lives.

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