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The ultimate membership for women who want to step up and lead a healthier happier life.

Do you find yourself feeling pulled in all directions and wanting to hit the F*** It button?

There is no doubt that as women we are having to work harder than ever to look after our own health and happiness.

Especially since life has been thrown into absolute chaos and we are all feeling the effects.

But we have a choice, we can choose who we want to be!

We can choose to step up and take responsibility for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

…or we can allow ourselves to be swept along in the chaos.

I believe there has never been a more important time to honour our health and happiness so we can feel strong with  the energy and focus we need to stay on track.

Ladies it's time step up!

My Healthy Happy Hub is a self development & coaching membership that empowers, inspires and supports women to be their best, no matter what life throws at them!

A lively community of women who want to prioritise their health and happiness so they can be the best possible version of themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Each month there will be...

The opportunity to be coached by me on one of our hot seat coaching calls. Plus, access to live masterclasses, expert interviews, meditations, worksheets and a nurturing Facebook community buzzing with women who want to make the best of life.

Transformational teachings designed to help you...

Overcome Overwhelm 

Deal with Anxiety 

Beat Burnout

Manage Stress, 

Increase your Energy,

Lose Weight, 

Follow your Purpose,

Sleep better, 

Reconnect with the true you 




So you can live a healthier happier life, even on the toughest of days!

My Healthy Happy Hub is a safe and supportive group of women ready to push you when you want to be moving forward and keep you afloat when you are treading water.

What are you waiting for?

Health and Happiness awaits!

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I’m Kim Raine

Your Happy Healthy skipper and I am here to hold your hand & kick your butt!

After burning out and hitting the proverbial deck at 41, I am on a mission to ensure that every women prioritises her own health and happiness, no matter who or what, wants her time and attention! 

I know what it is like to feel like you are swimming against the tide, experiencing total overwhelm and desperately trying to keep your head above water.

Unfortunately I also know from experience what it is like when the big waves hit, those humdinger challenges life throws at you that send you reeling.

In my case I was so exhausted after years of treading water that when those big waves hit I stared to drown.

Everything, just everything seemed to suffer!

My energy, 

my sleep, 

my weight, 

my temper, 

my emotions, 

my happiness, 

my relationships, 

my confidence…

It was when I realised I was becoming more of a hinderance than a help to those I cared about I knew something had to change!

But the road to recovery was slow and frustrating!

I had to ignore the voice in my head, start putting myself first and make my own health and happiness a priority so that I could continue to show up for my family, friends and clients.

I took an honest look at my work life balance, how I spent my time and who I spent it with.

I ditched the crazy workouts and prescribed myself a cocktail of nutritious foods, supplements, relaxation, rest and self-care.

I read, I studied and researched tirelessly to upgrade my mindset, get a firm grip on my hormones and figure out what I REALLY wanted out of life!

But, you know what? 

My ‘breakdown” turned out to be my wake up!
It shook me up and gave me the opportunity to design a life that I LOVE.

It taught me how to deal with negative thoughts and take back control of the voice in my head (I call her Reckless Rainey, but you’ll have to join the group to find out more about her adventures, for now I’ll just say she can be a real pain in the arse!)

It showed me that it was possible to do a lot less and achieve so much more.

But more than anything it pushed me to prioritise myself, so now I am not only a healthier, happier mum, wife, daughter, friend and coach but I am a much nicer and more effective one too!

And now I want share the love!

Check out what the girls have to say ...

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 Then Get The Special 2020 Founder Members Price,

For As Long As You Stay!

There are no contracts so you can leave anytime you like.

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So if you are looking for

Someone to ensure that you’re prioritising your health and happiness.
A place to come for motivation and accountability.

A place where you will get coached, pushed and given a loving boot up the butt when you need it.
And a place for help and support with the things that are keeping you awake at night.

Then join us!

Each month you will have ...

The chance to be coached by me on one of our hot seat coaching calls.

A LIVE group coaching call where you will have the chance to be personally coached by me to get focus and clarity on anything you want!

Health, mindset, purpose, nutrition, exercise, weight loss, direction, stress, sleep, career, relationships …ANYTHING!

This isn’t just about what you say, its about what you hear! 

You will be amazed how listening to others can give you the lightbulbs moments to move forward in your own life.

Masterclasses and guest experts

A monthly Masterclass plus guest experts from my little black book of amazing coaches and health professionals to introduce and set up the theme of the month so that everyone is on the same page and can work together to support, encourage and motivate each other.

Each months theme is designed to empower, support and focus you to stay on track with the Happy Healthy principles that are guaranteed to help you flourish, whatever life is throwing at you!

Covering everything a heathy happy woman needs, with trainings on hormones, meditation, strength training, nutrition, mindset, working out, breath work, anxiety, getting on top of negative thoughts, weight loss, purpose and much, much more!

A membership site packed with content & lively accountability Facebook group

A membership site already packed with masterclasses, guest interviews and workshops, workouts and recipe books with new content added every month.

A nurturing and nourishing Facebook group full of amazing women supporting and motivating each other to be the best possible version of themselves.

I am in there to kick each week off with my Monday motivation LIVE to get us focused and on track for the week ahead - no more Monday morning blues!
We are in this together!

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There's no risk with my Cancel Anytime policy!

I want my Healthy Happy Hub to be buzzing with like minded women who are committed to putting themselves at the top of the list and supporting other women to do the same, so I have made it really simple for you to opt out at anytime with no contract or minimum commitment.

(Although most women stay for good so I highly recommend stepping up and committing to your health and happiness plus getting 2 months free with my super affordable annual membership, but the choice is yours!)


/Per month

  • Monthly Group Coaching Call 
  • Monthly Live Masterclass 
  • Guest Expert Interviews & Workshops 
  • Membership Site with New Content Added Each Month
  • FREE Access to My Lose Your First 7lb Challenge Held 3x A Year

Frequently asked questions...

Is it for me?

How does it work?

What am I expected to do?

Do I have to speak on the calls?

What happens if I miss the LIVE calls?

I’m not on Facebook is it still worth joining?

Join Us Today & Get The Special 2020 Founder Members Price, For As Long As You Stay!

There are no contracts so you can leave anytime you like.

Who the hell is Kim?

Kim Raine is a straight talking coach who is fanatical about helping women sort their crap out and free themselves from the BS and limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

She has been empowering women to reduce anxiety, beat burnout, manage stress, lose weight, sleep better, reconnect with their true selves and kick arse for over 15 years.

A recovering people pleaser and former party animal Kim now loves life in the slow lane and is never happier than when she is chilling with her family, walking the dog or working out.

She is the founder of the Healthy Happy Hub, a sisterhood for those ready to step up and tap in to their personal power so they can live the life they deserve.

And the creator of Slim from Within, a holistic 12 week coaching program that teaches women to love themselves, appreciate their bodies & tune in to what their body really needs so they can lose weight and free themselves from the diet trap once and for all. 

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