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My 2020 Take Off Challenge – Day 1 Reflection

So day 1 of my 5 day “2020 Take Off” challenge is all about revisiting and reviewing before we start dreaming and planning.

As a coach my main focus is on moving forward but in order to really appreciate what we have and how we have done we need to be ready to look back too.

So today I want you to answer the following questions…

Where was I this time 10 years ago?

What have I achieved in the last 10 years?

What was the biggest challenge I overcame?

What could I have done differently?

What have I learnt about myself?

This is how it looked for me and I have to say, looking back has given me hope and left me feeling excited for the future!

This time 10 years ago I was 36 years old and living back with my parents, except this time I had a husband and 2 kids in tow!

We had just moved back to the UK penniless after 5 years living in Javea, Spain.

We were renting out our Spanish home, because the market had gone so low that selling it wouldn’t give us enough money to buy back in the UK.

Trying to sell an apartment we had purchased as an investment that was now costing us a mortgage each month, was in negative equity and falling into disrepair due to issues with the maintenance company – think holiday homes from hell!

Then, on New Year’s Day 2010, Neil was taken ill and ended up in A& E with a suspected heart attack!

It wasn’t – but that’s another story!

The point is, 10 years ago I felt VERY insecure in pretty much all areas of my life!

I had nowhere to call home, was financially very unstable and thought my husband was on the way out!

The future seemed so uncertain and I felt vulnerable.

That was the turning point, when I realised that it was time to take some serious and positive action.

I booked myself on to a fitness business weekend and took control of my destiny.

Since then the last 10 years have been quite a ride!

I built (and this year sold) BABEs on the Run my bootcamp business - where my coaches and I helped 100’s of women free themselves from diets and learn to love their bodies again.

We finally got married – after 16 years on my 40th birthday!

We sold the apartment – for a huge loss, but the freedom felt priceless.

We bought and extended our home.

We got Scoobydoo.

I burnt out.

I got back on my feet – took me a good few years though!

I learned to meditate – Gamechanger!

I learnt A LOT about myself and human nature.

I trained as a Transformation Coach.

I made some amazing memories with Neil and the kids - we raised two awesome children

I embraced myself for who I truly am, just as I am.

I started my online coaching programs including Slim From Within

I delivered several workshops – the latest of which, Sort Your Crap Out still has a few spaces left.

I fell in love with Crossfit

I sorted my finances.

Without a doubt burning out was a real low point and my biggest personal challenge but as always, my biggest lesson too, it caused me to re-evaluate many of my relationships, it taught me about the power of vulnerability and spirituality and ultimately changed the direction of my life.

What could I have done differently?

The truth is, I lived too fast, I was always onto the next thing, often before I had even finished the first! Scared of missing out or being left behind. I wish I’d worried less about a future I had no control over and enjoyed the moment I was in for what it was just as it was.

In truth the last decade has taught me a lot about myself, about what I am capable of, about the power I have over my own destiny and about how my programming holds me back if I let it.

Wow, when I look back and think of how insecure I felt at the start of this decade and how it has turned out better than I ever could have hoped, it fills me with hope and excitement for the next one ….and this one I will be kicking off by becoming a Grandma!!!

So now it’s your turn!

What has the last 10 years taught and given you?

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