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PMT 101 – How to Exercise & What to Eat

Periods, like the menopause can seem a curse for many women, and the truth is, if you are at the peri-menopausal stage of life and you are getting bad PMT then you could be in for a pretty bumpy menopause, so the sooner you start tuning in to your body and sorting it out the better!

In my last blog we talked about the fabulous Venus week, when you are on top form.

But what about the 7-10 days before your period when things aren’t looking or feeling quite as rosy?

This is the luteal phase, when your oestrogen & testosterone drop and progesterone becomes the dominant hormone.

Until, unless you are pregnant, progesterone drops away and we prepare to menstruate.

It’s this drop of oestrogen and testosterone that can leave us feeling a bit mental …

My first sign is always my appetite, 6-10 days before the big event.

We need more calories during the later luteal phase, somewhere between 2-300 a day, which actually isn’t much, and is very easy to go over if you let the crap win!

Our blood sugar is less stable now so the temptation to choose sugary & fatty foods is high.

You maybe craving wine, chocolate and stodge but sticking with protein, veggies, good fats and fibre will fill you up & save you eating excess calories.

Maybe …

an apple with nut butter (my fav) or

natural yoghurt with a few nuts or

rice cakes with avocado

rather than a family bag of Doritos that will make you feel good in the short term but leave you feeling tired, moody and hungry in the longer term.

This is a time to keep your energy as stable as possible, be kind to yourself and take things down a notch or two.

Choose less intense more restorative exercise in the Luteal phase, yoga, Pilates & walking may be a better choice than spinning or running, particularly if your struggle with PMT.

You won’t be as strong during this phase as testosterone levels are at their lowest, so you probably won’t be hitting any PBs in the gym either, so maybe drop your weight a little as your chance of injury is higher now too.

Most women find this is NOT a good time to get on the scales!

Remember your Venus week?

Days 5-14, that’s a GREAT time to get on the scales!

What more?

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