The Perfect Solution For Women Who Want To Sleep Better, Lose Weight And Feel In Control.

Feel Calmer, Attractive, Confident And Proud Of Your Age Without Having To Go On Crazy Diets Or Sacrifice The Things In Life You Love.

Using the Simple Blueprint That Transforms The Health And Wellbeing Of Women Over 40 from Burnout to Boom In Just 8 Weeks

Are you ready to lose the confusion, shatter the myths and discover the simple, effective and long term health and energy solution for women over 40?

This is the only solution that works with you to increase your energy, calm your mind and balance your hormones so you can feel healthier, happier and stronger.

How many of these sound like you?

  • You feel like you’re walking through treacle?
  • Your hormones dictate your life?
  • You are driving your yourself mad with constant fixation on your weight?
  • You hang out for "wine o clock" or use hobnobs to get you through the afternoon?
  • You are completely shattered yet can't sleep at night?
  • You have feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and panic for no real reason?
  • You are starting to feel uncomfortable about your drinking habits?

If you are running on empty and are ready to upgrade your physical and mental wellbeing then Rise 360 is the perfect solution for you.

I’ve created my Rise 360 Blueprint because women are having to work harder than ever to look after their health and happiness right now.

Life has been thrown into absolute chaos and we are all feeling the effects.

But we have a choice, we can choose who we want to be!

We can choose to RISE UP and take responsibility for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing…or we can allow ourselves to be swept along in the chaos.

Ladies, there has never been a more important time to honour your health and happiness.

Hi I'm Kim

I am here to hold your hand, kick your butt and help you RISE!

After burning out at 41, I am on a mission to ensure that every women prioritises her health and happiness, no matter who or what, wants her time and attention! 

I know what it is like to feel like you are swimming against the tide, feeling totally overwhelmed and desperately treading water.

I also know what it is like when the big waves hit, the curve balls you don’t see coming that make the waters even choppier.

When my big waves of sudden bereavement and family illness hit I was so exhausted after years of treading water that I stared to drown.

Everything suffered.

My energy, my sleep, my weight, my temper, my emotions, my happiness, my relationships and my confidence.

After 10 years of building my very successful female fat loss & bootcamps business was broken & I knew something had to change!

I studied and researched everything I could find about menopause, hormones, burnout, sleep, and mindset to find the answers and strategy's I needed to get back on track. 

I had to ignore the voice in my head, start putting myself first and make my own health and happiness a priority. 

I took an honest look at my work life balance, how I spent my time and who I spent it with.

I started saying no and prescribed myself good food, relaxation, rest and self-care.

In the end my ‘breakdown” was my wake up!
It shook me up and gave me the opportunity to design a life that I LOVE.

It showed me that it was possible to do a lot less and achieve so much more.

It pushed me to prioritise myself. Now I am not only a healthier, happier mum, wife, daughter, friend and coach but I am a much nicer and more effective one too!

RISE 360 is my chance to throw a life line to any woman currently struggling with her physical or mental health, because I know there is a better way. 

Join us so I can show you how!

Rise Up 360 is the ultimate health program for any woman who is ready to follow proven, scientific and effective strategies to manage her health! Are you ready to...

  • Get A Grip on Her Hormones... stop your emotions, PMT, periods, hot flushes and symptoms running your life…I did precisely this and with my blueprint you CAN be in control!.
  • Learn how to control her monkey mind and get a grip on the negative chatter in your head so you can think clearly and feel calm with my modern meditation beginners guide.
  • Get on top of the stress, with the Rise 360 Blueprint you will be learn strategies to manage those tough times so you can get back to being superwoman!
  • Lose Weight with Less Effort ... swap the confusing diets and fads for the foods your body needs to THRIVE and burn fat over 40.
  • Sleep through the night and reclaim your energy ... so you and feel like a stronger, confident version of the old you!
  • Turn Back the Clock you can look younger on the outside, feel it on the inside and LOVE telling people your age!

It is the perfect solution for any woman who wants to feel healthier, happier and stronger.

Rise Up 360 empowers, inspires and supports women over 40 to feel their best, no matter what life throws at them and gives them the answers they need for the body they live in now, not 20 years ago!



You are looking for a quick fix, the latest weight loss fad or a bikini diet.

This is a holistic programme designed to give women over 40 honest, proven advice on how to look and feel their best in the body they live in now, not 20 years ago!

This is about the mind body and soul.

Join me and a group of like minded women for... 

8 weeks of Powerful, confidence-building LIVE masterclasses covering Sleep, Stress, Hormones, Emotional Eating, Nutrition & more 

Live access to me as I share the tools and strategies that have helped my clients reduce anxiety, beat burnout, manage stress, lose weight, sleep better, reconnect with their true selves and kick-arse for over 15 years. 

Upgrade your mindset and take your health and wellbeing to a new level.

We will be covering everything you need to know about hormones, nutrition, stress management, sleep, exercise and mindset. All calls are recorded. 

Rise 360 a blueprint designed to balance your hormones and switch your body from storing fat to burning it.

The Rise 360 Blueprint is an easy to stick to family-friendly, lifestyle and nutrition plan that will help you lose weight, increase your energy and improve your sleep.

With over 180 quick recipes, meal plan, fast & effective home or gym workouts, tips and cheat sheets that make living a healthy balanced life super simple.


LIVE Meditation sessions, journaling prompts and mindful tasks designed to calm your mind and give you that all-important inner peace.

Learn the power of meditation with these weekly sessions where I will teach you what to do and how to fit “being still” in with our fast-paced lives!

Plus weekly journaling prompts and mindful tasks that will help you slow down and reconnect with yourself mind, body and soul so that you can feel calmer, more focused and get loads more done.  


Access to the RISE 360 Facebook group where you can share your journeys and support each other in a safe, open and encouraging environment to ensure you are feeling focused and motivated throughout your journey.

Guest interviews from experts who really know their stuff, covering subjects such as emotional eating, addiction & gut health – there’s a great one on alcohol, these trainings are priceless!

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bonus 1

       12 Week FAST Home Workout Plan - Worth £49.00

Easy to follow home or gym workouts designed to get even the busiest women Fit And Slim in just 20 minutes a day!

A fat burning, strength building program combining a mixture of weights and cardio to get you fit and strong without having to leave your living room.

Worth £49.00

bonus 2

30 Days Of Health Cookbooks - Worth £15.00

2 Sugar free cookbooks, containing 180 fat burning, hormone balancing, clean eating recipes for meat eaters and veggies that the whole family will love! Quick and simple recipes to ensure you never get bored!

Pick a different Breakfast,  Lunch and Dinner each day. 

Worth £15.00

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The Clean Energy Formula Every Woman Over 40 Needs to Know

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  • 8 Weeks of LIVE Masterclasses & Q&A's
  • Rise 360 Lifestyle & Nutrition Blueprint
  • 8 LIVE Modern Meditation Sessions 
  • Weekly Journaling Prompts & Mindfulness Challenges
  • Free RISE 360 Facebook Community
  • Access to RISE 360 members area

Frequently asked questions...

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What will I be eating?

How much access do I get to Kim ?

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So Who IS Kim Raine?

Kim Raine is a straight talking Mind, Body, Business coach who is fanatical about helping women sort their crap out and free themselves from the BS and limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

She empowers her clients to reduce anxiety, beat burnout, manage stress and sleep better so that they can reconnect with their true selves, kick arse in their businesses and make money doing what they love.

A recovering people pleaser and former party animal Kim now loves life in the slow lane and is never happier than when she is firing up business leaders, chilling with her family, walking the dog or working out.

She is the creator of Tune In Rise Up, a transformational coaching program for women who are ready to step up and tap in to their personal power so they can live the life they deserve.

Author of Rise 360 a holistic blueprint for women over 40 who want to upgrade their health, by listening to their body so they can increase their energy, balance their hormones, lose weight and free themselves from the diet trap once and for all. 

And founder of the The Kick Ass Collective a mastermind for female entrepreneurs who do business on their terms & design a life they love.