Forget about quick fix diets!

Discover the Weight Loss Formula Every Woman Over 40 Needs

It's time to lose the confusion, shatter the myths and discover the simple, effective and long term weight loss solution for women over 40. 

The only solution that works with you to balance your hormones, meaning you burn fat instead of storing it.

How many of these sound like you?

You drive yourself mad with your constant fixation on losing weight?

You hate having your photo taken?

You hang out for "wine o clock" or use sugar to get you through your afternoon energy slump?

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick & tired and stuck in a rut then Slim From Within is perfect for you!

This 10 week online coaching programme is ideal for any woman who is ...

  • Feeling lost and confused about diets and weight loss.
  • Gaining weight that  won't shift despite trying everything to lose it.
  • Hanging out for "wine o'clock" just so she can relax.
  • Struggling to sleep through the night despite feeling exhausted.
  • Experiencing unexplained feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and panic.
  • Struggling with her hormonal symptoms.
  • Losing her self confidence
  • And ready to make a permanent change

And how am I so confident this programme works?

Because just a few years ago, I was ticking every, single item on the list

Can I tell you a secret?

When I was 18 I was a size 18 and rising. 

I went to my first weight watchers meeting slightly overweight  at 13 and spent the next 20 years yo-yo dieting and feeling miserable about my body. 

At 33 thanks to an amazing coach I finally realised that dieting wasn’t the answer. 

I lost the weight, ditched the cross trainer and became a PT.

I thought I had it sussed, but at 42 stress, overwhelm and my hormones got the better of me.

I felt completely lost and out of control.

It was awful, 

I would lie awake in the middle of the night, with my mind racing.

My energy hit the floor, 

I gained weight, (despite eating well and working out) 

and my emotions went in to overdrive.

So why is it a secret?

Because up until recently I thought it made me a fraud as a health coach, like I couldn't help others because I wasn't perfect myself.

Now I realise that is exactly what makes me the perfect health coach.

I know what it is like to be consumed and desperate to lose weight, I understand what it feels like to fail again and again and I have felt the fear that things will never change.

But they can!

Burning out was an eye opener for me,.

I had hit 40 and my body said No, not anymore, we need to do things differently now.

So after much reluctance I listened.

I ditched the crazy workouts and prescribed myself a cocktail of nutritious foods, supplements, relaxation, rest and self-care. I took an honest look at my work life balance, how I spent my time and who I spent it with.

I read, I studied and researched tirelessly to upgrade my mindset and get a firm grip on my hormones.

The biggest change was how much more confident I became!  I fell in love with my body for the first time and found a new respect for myself! It turned out to be an amazing journey and one that lead me to Slim From Within.

Since then I have helped 100's of women, just like you, free themselves from dieting, lose weight and learn to love their bodies! I have helped them reduce anxiety, beat burnout, manage stress, lose weight, sleep better and reconnect with their true selves so they can lead healthier happier lives. And I can't wait to share my secrets with you!

Kim Raine

Health Mentor, Life Coach, Founder of The Life Force Family & Creator of Slim From Within

The Slim From Within Blueprint offers exhausted overweight women the answers they need for the body they live in now, not 20 years ago!

Slim From Within will teach you how you can …

Burn More Calories Every Day of the Week ...yes really! (I have trained my body to burn an extra 400 calories a day which mean’s I get to eat chocolate and not gain weight!)

Get A Grip on Your Hormones... stop your emotions running your life…just as I did, with my blueprint you CAN be in control too!

Lose Weight with Less Effort ...ditch the confusing diets and fads for good.

Reclaim Your Energy ... and feel slimmer, stronger and more confident!

Turn Back the Clock you can look younger on the outside and feel it on the inside!



You are looking for a quick fix, the latest weight loss fad or a bikini diet.

This is a program for highly dedicated women who are serious about transformation.

Women who are ready to invest in themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Members will be open to being honestly coached by me and working on their mindset as well as their body….we will be going deep ladies!

Join me and women just like you for 10 weeks of...

Live access to me every week on my high impact accountability, support and motivation coaching calls, focusing on challenges, strategies and next steps. So there is no chance of you losing your way!

A easy to stick to family friendly, everyday weight loss and lifestyle program designed to balance your hormones and switch your body from storing fat to burning it.

Weekly accountability, results and reflections check in emails so we both know exactly how you are doing and can make adjustments so you are always on track.

12 weeks of powerful, confidence building masterclasses, that will upgrade your mindset and teach you everything you need to know about hormones, sleep, energy, nutrition, stress , exercise and mindset.

Access to my private members area where you get unlimited support and coaching in a safe, open and encouraging environment to keep you motivated and  focused on a daily basis.

Learn from expert guests who really know their stuff, covering subjects such as   alcohol, purpose, menopause, happiness and just being you– these trainings are priceless!


My best decision of 2019

Signing up for slim from within was my best decision of 2019 it helped me to believe in myself and move forward to change my ways and be the person I want to be, the support from Kim is great and also support from the group keeps you going, things needed to change and this has helped me to get closer to the person I want to be.

Thanks Kim X

Debbie Webber , 2019 SFW Graduate - Lost 21lbs

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Bonus 1

10 weeks Life Force Family Membership - Worth £83.50

10 weeks FREE membership to my Life Force Family. Get daily motivation, accountability and support.  With regular lives, monthly masterclasses. Kick off your Mondays and round up your week with me so you are totally focused and on track for the weekend.

Worth £83.00

bonus 2

12 Week FAST Home Workout Plan - Worth £49.00

Easy to follow home or gym workouts designed to get even the busiest women Fit And Slim in just 20 minutes a day! A fat burning, strength building program combining a mixture of weights and cardio to get you  fit and strong without having to leave your living room.

Worth £49.00

bonus 3

30 Days Of Health Cookbooks - Worth £9.99

2 Sugar free cookbooks, containing 180 fat burning, hormone balancing, clean eating recipes for meat eaters and veggies that the whole family will love! Quick and simple recipes to ensure you never get bored! Pick a different Breakfast,  Lunch and Dinner each day. 

Worth £9.99

Find the perfect investment for you...

Split THe investment payment plan

The Clean Energy Formula Every Woman Over 40 Needs to Know



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Just 138/ x3

Thats less than a PT session a week and 10x more effective!

  • Weekly  group coaching calls
  • Easy to follow real food  nutrition program 
  • Weekly accountability email access to me 
  • 10 weeks of masterclasses
  • Guest expert calls
  • At home workout program 
  • Members only facebook group
VIP 1-2-1's with Access all areas

Super Charge Your Transformation with 1-2-1 Accountability Calls



 / in full

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Just 875/in full

For me as your kick ass health coach from now until Christmas!

  • Everything the others get, plus...
  • Health questionnaire covering sleep, hormones, gut health, mindset and more.
  • Weekly weight check in.
  •  Breakthrough call to get you super motivated 
  • Monthly 1-2-1's to keep you on track   
  •  Weekly food diary checks   
  •  Payment Plan Available 

Group coaching for frustrated women who are ready to  make a serious change in their lives.

Hurry Places Limited and EarlyBird Ends Soon ....


Next program starts Monday 12th October 2020

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