SYCO Workshop - Kim Raine Coaching

Who Else...

Wants to Sort Their CRAP Out?

Join Me For The Day & Kick Start The Decade!  Watch this ....

My Sort Your Crap Out Workshop Is For Any Woman Who Wants To Get To Grips With Their Health and Happiness.

I will be walking you through the strategies and mindset exercises that have given my Slim From Within clients life changing results that last!

Whether its your health, your body, your relationships, your work or all of the above this the place to take a reflective look at whats going on and design your strategies for positive change and powerful transformation in 2020.

It’s what we have been doing in Slim From Within for the last 3 years, and we've achieved some pretty phenomenal results! 

Things such as...

  • Changes of career
  • Given up wine o'clock or alcohol completely
  • Freedom from anxiety
  • Found the courage to face old hurts
  • Improved sleep
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Let go of guilt and perfectionism
  • Come off anti-depressants
  • And of course lost weight!!!

And you can to!

Join me and a room full of like minded women as we spend the day learning about...

How your habits and behaviours hold you back and what you can do about it, 

The stories we tell ourselves that aren't even true.

What it is that we all need and how to get more of it.

Why you just can't seem to Sort Your Crap Out

You will leave with an understanding of what's holding you back and what you need to do to turn things round.

Throughout the day we will be using self-development and reflective exercises that will show you clearly where you need to be focusing to make life better, calmer, happier, healthier…whatever it needs to be for you!

This is not a seminar, it is a workshop so come prepared to be coached and ready to roll your sleeves up and Sort Your Crap Out once and for all.


Kim is one of the most authentic and intuitive coaches I have ever met.

It’s like she can read my mind and she knows what I need to hear. A really amazing day, always sooooo good! Perfect in every way. I absolutely LOVED this workshop. The content for the day was so valuable. A truly great experience on every level”

Tina Squire , 2018/9 SFW Graduate & Workshop Attendee

Saturday 11th January 2020

St Giles Dell Center

Park Ln, Ashtead KT21 1EJ

9am - 4.30pm