A life changing solution for women Guaranteed to make You feel physically, mentally and emotionally, healthier, happier and stronger in the next six months

Are you...

  • Feeling confused about what it is you want?
  • Always last on the list and forever people pleasing?
  • Wondering where your smile went?
  • Experiencing feelings of anxiety or overwhelm?
  • Lying awake at night overthinking? 
  • Feeling like you never do, have or are enough?
  • Holding back with what you want to say?
  • Self sabotaging with food, alcohol, work, TV, social media etc?

Then Tune In Rise Up is the fresh start you need...

Upgrade Your Health & Happiness 

Implement simple daily habits to increase your energy & reset your hormones so you can hit your health goals.

- Build resilience so you can eliminate the anxiety, racing mind, indecision, worry & exhaustion of overwhelm and stress. 

- Create a morning and evening routine that fires up your days and lets you sleep like a baby at night.

- Discover how to create an unshakable mindset and step in to your personal power so you feel like superwoman!

Put Yourself First Without Feeling Guilty

- Learn the art of setting and holding time and energy boundaries that will leave you space to look after your own health and happiness. 

- Over come imposter syndrome, let go of perfectionism, and learn to love yourself just the way you are by slaying the voice in your head.

- Understand how to navigate toxic relationships and ask for what you want without confrontation or feeling like a bitch 

Design a Life You Love. 

- Unravel the limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back.

- Take a deep dive in your values, understand what really matters to you and make plans to honour them daily.

- Create an achievable life plan with real purpose that will have you leaping out of bed everyday.

- Learn strategies for a happier, more authentic, fulfilling life so you grow more connected, focused, confident and resilient than you believed possible.

Hi I'm Kim

Your Tune In skipper & I am here to hold your hand & kick your butt!

After burning out at 41, I am on a mission to ensure that every women prioritises her health and happiness, no matter who or what, wants her time and attention! 

I know what it is like to feel like you are swimming against the tide, feeling totally overwhelmed and desperately treading water.

I also know what it is like when the big waves hit, the curve balls you don’t see coming that make the waters even choppier.

When my big waves of sudden bereavement and family illness hit I was so exhausted after years of treading water that I stared to drown and everything suffered.

My energy, my sleep, my weight, my temper, my emotions, my happiness, my relationships, my confidence.

I was broken & I knew something had to change!

I studied and researched tirelessly to upgrade my mindset, get a grip on my thoughts and figure out what I wanted out of life.

I had to ignore the voice in my head, start putting myself first and make my own health and happiness a priority. 

I took an honest look at my work life balance, how I spent my time and who I spent it with.

I started saying no and prescribed myself good food, relaxation, rest and self-care.

In the end my ‘breakdown” was my wake up!

It shook me up and gave me the opportunity to design a life that I LOVE.

It taught me how to deal with negative thoughts and take back control of the voice in my head 

(I call her Reckless Rainey, you’ll hear about her on the programme, she is a real pain in the arse!)

It showed me that it was possible to do a lot less and achieve so much more.

It pushed me to prioritise myself. Now I am not only a healthier, happier mum, wife, daughter, friend and coach but I am a much nicer and more effective one too!

Tune In Rise Up is my chance to throw a life line to any woman currently treading water or drowning, because I know there is a better way. Come with me so I can show you how!


Kim is one of the most authentic and intuitive coaches I have ever met.

It’s like she can read my mind and she knows what I need to hear. A really amazing experience, always sooooo good! Perfect in every way. I absolutely LOVE Kim's programmes. The content is always so valuable. A truly great experience on every level”

Tina Squire 2018/9 SFW Graduate & 1-2-1 Client

An ENORMOUS thank you Kim - you have no idea how much you have done for me and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to turn my life around and giving me the tools to change it. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to you as I was so lost, discombobulated, exhausted and didn’t know where to turn to next or what to do. You gave me that chance, through encouragement, showed me what I needed to change and guided me through it, with kindness, no judgment or criticism.

Michelle Pollard 2019 SFW & Tune In Graduate

How does it work?

Tune In Rise Up is a high end six-month coaching mastermind for professional women over 40 who are ready to step up and invest in themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially so they can take charge of their future and design a life they love.

WARNING! THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF...You are looking for a quick fix. 

This is a journey for highly dedicated women who are serious about transformation.

It is a transformative mixture of neuroscience, life coaching, health mentoring and woo!

The programme is ideal for any professional women who feels stuck in a rut, sick and tired of being sick and tired and is ready for change.

Whether it is your body, your relationships, your thoughts, your career, your health, your attitude or just you then this is the place for a transformational fresh start.

Months 1-3 : Tune In

Helping you see through all the things & people you have had to be and into who you were meant to be.

Using coaching, meditation and journaling we will be working on knowing, accepting and loving who you truly, authentically are and what it is that YOU want from life.

Months 4-6 Rise Up

Is all about implementation and empowering you to move forward with your transformation by stepping up and making the things you want happen.

Working through your life plans together this is the stage where you take the action to create the life you dream of.

With monthly 1-2-1, weekly group coaching and masterclasses to support you through the process.

Ladies who have worked with me in the past have 

Changed careers.

Given up alcohol.

Faced, healed and let go of old hurts.

Improved relationships and moved away from toxic ones.

Let go of guilt and perfectionism.

Come off anti-depressants.

Slept through the night for the first time in years.

Understood behaviours, in themselves and others.

Rewired in-grained habits and behaviours.

Dealt with anxiety and negative thought patterns.

But most importantly, learnt to love who they are, just as they are.

Book Your Breakthrough Call TODAY!

If you are ready to invest in yourself physically, mentally, financially and emotionally then book your free 45 minutes breakthrough call with me today and find out if working with me for a six transformative months is for you. 

This is deep dive in to what you really want and why designed to also see if you are a good fit to work with me and the other ladies committed to Rising Up together, I look forward to speaking with you!


Do It For Your Sanity!

“I am so pleased I started with Kim and I would say to anyone thinking about it, do it! It will change your life for the better! Kim is an inspiring lady who REALLY knows her stuff and has been ahead of the game for as long as I’ve known her . She made see that I was very anxious about a lot of things in my life, which haven’t gone away but the way I deal with them has changed. The physical change from the healthy clean eating is great, but the change in my head, the “within” bit is the most fantastic difference. I am happier to be more selfish (in a good way), to look after me, so that I can be the person I want to be for my family and friends. I umm’d and arrgh’d about working with Kim for too long, but she is worth every penny and so are you! DO IT for your health and sanity!” Total weight loss 24.2lbs/ 10.97kgs.

Julie Jackson 2018/9 SFW Graduate & Workshop Attendee

A fantastic mentoring coach who has a wealth of knowledge and she definitely walks her talk.

Kim has been my life-support system as she's ensured that I have high energy levels, a positive mindset and I'm physically in good shape. She is practical and very easy to talk to. A fantastic mentoring coach who has a wealth of knowledge and she definitely walks her talk.

Nikki Owen Wellbeing Practitioner, Author & Speaker - 1-2-1 Client

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